AmTecs 4 Pole 1500RPM Aluminium (IE1)



This range of aluminium multi-mount motors are suitable for many different industrial applications, including fans and pumps. The multi-mount design enables the feet to be removed or moved to provide left, right or top terminal box configurations.

  • Supply Voltage - 400v 3 Phase 50hz
  • 4 pole 1500rpm
  • CE Marked

All AMA motors are manufactured in accordance with IEC 34-1/9.

The bearings are maintenance free lubricated with lithium-based grease.

Motors are fitted with V-seals.

Windings are vacuum pressure impregnated and made of high quality insulated wire and insulation material. The impregnation is an evaporation free process, suitable for tropical climate zones.

The rotors are dynamically balanced with half key, in accordance with IEC 34-14, class N (Normal).

Overload capability, in compliance with IEC 34, 1.5 times the rated current for 2 minutes and 1.6 times the rated torque for 15 seconds.

Mounting is available in B3, B5, B14S, B35, B34S *B14L and *B34L. 

* - Please call our sales team for this special order



  Technical Data

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  Aluminium Mounting Arangement

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  AMA-IE1 Bearings, Oil Seals & Gland Sizes